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To Vote or Not to Vote? That is the Question.

Six Biblical Principles to Consider Before You Stay Home on Election Day

An article by Dr. Lillback to consider as we enter this criticle election season. Click here to read more.

Did you know?

Only about 50 percent of Christians in America are registered to vote. 

Of those, only 50 percent show up at the polls, meaning 75 percent of all Christians are not taking advantage of one of their greatest privileges.

If every Christian would register to vote and then do so, candidates who share their beliefs and values would win the presidency in a landslide.



A Must Read for 2016!

 Voting is a sacred responsibility of an American citizen. But voting is often difficult because of the uncertainties that surround the candidates and the issues. Use this guide to help you vote in a way that is neither Republican or Democrat, but is informed by American history and classic Judeo-Christian values.


Find a printable PDF version here!





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